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We welcome visiting boats and try to make your visit to Padstow harbour as happy and pleasant an experience as possible. We have gathered together here some information, by no means comprehensive, to help you find us safely and enjoy your stay in Padstow.
If you are able to let us know in advance of your visit, please contact us with your details so we can take care of most of the formalities prior to your arrival.
Please ask at the Harbour Office should you not find what you are looking for on these pages, we will be pleased to help.

  • Procedure for Visitors
  • Navigation
  • Border Force, Customs & Immigration
  • Facilities
  • Other Info


We hope you enjoy your stay in Padstow and thank you in advance for taking your time to read and understand our Covid 19 procedures to make your visit as safe as possible.

· When vessel is berthed, visitor to contact and arrange suitable time to meet Berthing Master at HO.

· Visitor to press doorbell on outside door of Harbour Office and stand back behind yellow line until someone opens door.

· Visitors not permitted into office unless there is a need to do so.

· Berthing Master to provide welcome pack to visitor including visiting yacht procedures, vessel/owner contact information (if not already held on system), port information, 2 x £1 electric cards automatically billed to account and shower/toilet facility key fob.

· Vessel owner to return completed vessel/owner information through letter box during office opening hours 0800 – 1700 hrs or on arrangement with Berthing Master.

· Communication with office on VHF CH 12 or Harbour Office 01841 532239 for any queries, orders or information.

· If moored on ladder berth, check with Berthing Master for rise and fall of tide in inner quay.

· Do NOT tie vessels to ladders.

· Do NOT tie ropes across ladders preventing access or an obstruction.

· Vessels may raft alongside other vessels at risk to owner/skipper.

· When using facilities, only one person/vessel crew permitted at any one time.

· Use Vacant/Engaged sign on inside of window to communicate availability of facilities with other visitors.

· Use automatic sanitiser on entry and exit of shower/toilet building.

· After shower/toilet use, please spray disinfectant and wipe dry with paper towels provided.

· Use of laundry facilities will not be permitted.

· On departure day, arrange suitable time at Harbour Office to pay for dues owed. Payment to be taken using card payments only and on reception payment machine only.

· Leave key fobs on shelf at reception office in plastic folder it came in.

· Key fobs will be sanitised and reused only after 72 hours.

· Communicate with the Berthing Master to inform them of your departure from the inner quay.

When visiting us, please observe the following procedures:

1.  Contact ‘Padstow Harbour’ on Channel 12 on your approach up the Camel Estuary

2.  Advise the Berthing Master of your vessel’s length, draft, anticipated length of stay and any special requirements.

3.  After berthing please book in at the Harbour Office where you will be given the access code for the shower blocks.

4.  If your vessel is being left unattended for a long period of time please advise the Berthing Master and supply contact numbers.

Please observe the following for details on how to safely approach Padstow Harbour:

Navigation Guide download
Navigational Safety Guidance download

Please contact the Harbour Office if you have any questions

Sailing your Pleasure Craft to and from the UK.(download this page)

The following information is extracted from the GOV.UK website - the full text is available at:

To report a vessel’s arrival (If required)

National Yachtline Telephone: 0845 723 1110.

Do I need to fly the yellow ‘Q’ flag?

If you are arriving directly from another EU Member State there is no need to fly the ‘Q’ flag.If you are arriving from outside the EU (and this includes the Channel Islands) you must fly the ‘Q’ flag. Do not take down the flag until you have finished reporting to the customs authorities.

Do I need to notify the customs authorities on arrival?

Whether you need to notify your arrival to the customs authorities depends upon where your last port of call was. If you are arriving directly from an EU Member State, you only need to contact the customs authorities if you have goods to declare.

  • any animals or birds
  • any prohibited and restricted goods including certain foodstuffs
  • items in excess of duty free allowances
  • if the boat itself is liable to VAT

When arriving direct from a country outside the EU (the Channel Islands are regarded as outside the EU for this purpose), you must phone the National Yacht line on Telephone: 0845 723 1110. If arriving from outside the EU the National Yachtline will ask you to complete form C1331.

What are the ‘duty free’ allowances within the EU?

If you arrive in the UK by pleasure craft directly from the EU, you will be allowed to bring back as much EU duty paid goods, including tobacco and alcohol, as you like as long as it is for your own use. If you bring back large quantities of alcohol or tobacco goods, you may be asked some basic questions about the trip and the purchases and the purpose for which you hold the goods. Guideline amounts:

  • 800 cigarettes
  • 200 cigars
  • 400 cigarillos
  • 1kg of smoking tobacco
  • 110 litres of beer
  • 90 litres of wine
  • 10 litres of spirits
  • 20 litres of fortified wine (such as port or sherry)

Prohibited and restricted goods?

The importation, possession or use of certain goods in the UK is either prohibited or restricted. The following are just a few examples of goods that are either prohibited or restricted. Examples are - controlled drugs, firearms, ammunition and explosives, offensive weapons, indecent and obscene material, endangered animal and plant species including derivatives and products that contain them, cat and dog fur and products made from such fur, seal products.
If goods are smuggled, the vessel itself may be seized and the persons concerned liable to a heavy fine and/or a prison sentence following prosecution.

Animals including pets, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and rodents

It is advisable to check with DEFRA Animal Health before bringing in any live animals or birds. DEFRA helpline number: 08459 335 577.Any animals or birds, which are kept on board the vessel, must be reported to the National Yachtline on arrival.


Arriving in the United Kingdom

Anyone on board who is not an EU national must get a UKBA officer’s permission to enter the UK from a place other than the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands. As the person responsible, you must make sure that anyone requiring immigration clearance (including yourself if appropriate) obtains the necessary permission to enter.

Leaving the United Kingdom

It is an offence not to notify the customs authorities when you intend to take your vessel directly to a country outside the EU.
If you are going directly to another Member State, you won’t need to make a report unless specifically asked to do so by an officer. There is no need to make a report if you intend to ultimately leave the EU but will be calling first at another port in the EU on passage.
The Plymouth office can be contacted on 01752 689200 and 01752 689231 (fax) or via email to:




The following facilities and services are available:

Boat repairs Enquire at Harbour Office
Chandlery Enquire at Harbour Office
Charts Can be ordered on a next day delivery service from the Harbour Office
Computer repairs Enquire at Harbour Office
Craneage Enquire at Harbour Office
Electricity outlets

Located around the quay and operated by a card system.  Cards available from the Harbour Office in denominations of £1.00 or £5.00

Fax Can be sent and received at the Harbour Office
Fender boards Available outside the Harbour Office
Ferry We run a regular ferry service across the River Camel to Rock and return. Please click for more detail
Fresh water Fresh water is available from various outlets around the quay; hse reels available for loan at the Harbour Office

Obtained on the outside of the South Jetty.  Call the Berthing Master on VHF Channel 16 and work Channel 12 - or ask at the Harbour Office

See important news regarding supply of Diesel fuel from PHC

Fuel cans for refilling

Please ensure the name of your vessel is clearly marked on your can(s) and leave outside the Harbour Office for our staff to refill.  Please refer to Notice Board for times.  NB:  We do not supply petrol but collect it from the garage just outside of Padstow.  There is a small charge for this service

Gas Kgs, butane and propane – replacement or new start
Laundry See "toilet, shower and laundry facilities"
Office opening times

08.30 – 17.00 Monday to Friday (except for Bank Holidays), plus 2 hours each side of high water every tide. For July and August only we also open weekends: 09.00 – 12.00 Saturday and Sunday

Payment Can be made by cheque or credit card at the Harbour Office prior to departure
Pilotage This is compulsory for all vessels in excess of 30 metres in length or 3.5 metres draft. Please enquire at the Harbour Office
Refuse, oily water and sewerage

Galley or dry waste material should be bagged and placed in the refuse skip opposite the Harbour Office.  A refuse sack can be obtained from the Harbour Office on request.  We require that visiting craft do not discharge solid or soil waste of any description into the inner or outer Harbours.  If you have any oil waste problems, please contact the Harbour Office

Shops in Padstow A variety of shops are available, please enquire at the Harbour Office
Toilet, shower and laundry facilities

Located in both the Red Brick Building on the ground floor and on the south side of the newly built Harbour Office - 24 hour access.  You will need to enquire at the Harbour Office for the access code to the digital door entry systems.  To operate the washing machine/tumble dryer, tokens can be purchased from the Harbour Office - washing machine £3.00 / token, tumble dryer £2.00 / token.  A dosing system is fitted on both washing machines - detergents used are Persil and Comfort.

Tourist Information The Tourist Information Centre is located on North Quay, across the Tidal Gate from the Harbour Office
Various Lub Oils and greases Please enquire at the Harbour Office
Waste disposal Waste disposal for visiting vessels
Water taxi This service runs in the evening when the Black Tor Ferry has finished and can be booked by telephoning 01208 862815 or 07778105297

An up-to-date weather forecast is displayed in the window of the Harbour Office (updated daily at 8.00 a.m.).  A long-range weather forecast i.e., 2-5 days can be obtained - there is a charge of £2.50 for this service.

WiFi Internet access Please log onto “Padstow Harbour” – password available from Harbour Office

This list is reviewed on a regular basis, as and when new services are available. If there is any facility not listed here, please call or email us. We will try and help wherever possible.

You may find the following information useful:

Falmouth Coastguard (01326) 317575
Medical Padstow Surgery: 01841 532346 - Treliske Hospital, Truro 01872 274242
Police Central switchboard: 0845 777444
Weather services





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